About Titi


One of Peru’s top fashion designers, Titi Guiulfo, is committed to ensuring that the ancient Peruvian native textile traditions are neither lost, nor forgotten. Through research and a comprehensive understanding of our ancestral design patterns, she seeks to introduce artisans from low-income regions into the world of modern fashion, without forcing them to give up their ancient and traditional roots. Thus, she dedicates most of her time to visit the communities in the Peruvian highlands,
working hand to hand with skillful artisans.

Through her Association, Maki Peru, Titi Guiulfo promotes fair trade for the artisans’ various products, such as handloom weaving, hand knitted textiles and natural dying techniques. In addition to her own collections she also develops products for private labels, using the finest fibers of baby alpaca and its different blends, as well as Pima and organic cotton.

Her line of sophisticated stylish accessories include handwoven ponchos, tunics, ruanas , scarves, shawls, hats, gloves and mittens, and many more of her unique creations. Maki Peru is based in Lima, where TITI has her atelier and showroom. Her relationship with Maki Peru goes well back into the 90's, when she began exporting these magnificent hand-made products.

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